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Local Representative of Foreign Manufacturer Service
We suggest the local representative service because only Russia’s or EUR legal resident companies are permitted to apply for certificate/declaration.
To get these certificates foreign manufacturers must sign a special agreement with a legally registered Russian company which performs functions of a foreign manufacturer. Under this agreement Local Authorized Representative undertakes responsibility (i) for compliance of products with the relevant mandatory requirements and (ii) for unconformity of products with such requirements.
Our company is performed a full range of services for obtaining the following permits: Telecom declarations of conformity, EAC declarations/certificates, FSB notifications and other documents on the basis of Agreement with the

Local representative of foreign manufacture.

All necessary certificates and documents for import, sale and application for Russian and Eurasian (Customs) Union
Currently all providers and manufacturers of telecom equipment have to obtain a number of permits, certificates, declarations, licenses, etc. Often you need to get several certificates from different certification systems for the same product, namely: certificate/declaration of the Customs Union (EAU), FSB notification, certificate/declaration of Telecom Ministry (Rossvyaz), hygienic conclusion, Radio Frequency permitions and import license, fire safety certification and others. All these different certification systems are regulated by certain rules, requirements and procedures.
In the last case the only thing to do is just to inform us about requirements of certification, provide necessary product description and samples for testing.
Our experts will define the exact list of all necessary certificates. We’ll do all the work, including supervision of document processing in the Governmental offices, development and preparation of all necessary certification documentation.

We undertake to promptly and correctly inform you about the necessity of certification of any new product, validity period of the previously obtained certificates and guarantee the timely obtaining of any document from our list of services.

In other words, we will do all your work for you «turn-key»!

Friendly Professional Consulting

There are a lot of specific lows and rules in Russian and Eurasian (Customs) Union.
If you entrust Certification Center “RadioCert” preparing and obtaining all necessary documentation and permits you will get the following as a result:

  • All information about new certification rules and requirements concerning your products;
  • Competitive advantages;
  • Prompt resolution of issues with regulatory authorities;

Our high professional experts do all the best for your company!

You need and we prepare

For import:

  • Certificate or declaration of conformity for compliance with Technical regulations of Eurasian union (EAC certificate or declaration);
  • Federal Security Service notification for cryptography equipment.

For import of wireless (radio) equipment:

  • EAC Certificate or declaration of conformity for compliance with TR of Eurasian union;
  • FSB notification;
  • Radio Frequency Center permit for import of wireless (radio) products;
  • Entering into Register of Wireless and High-Frequency Equipment Permitted for Import into Russia and Customs (Eurasian) Union, obtaining official abstract from the Register;
  • Import license.

For network connection and use in Russia:

  • Certificate or declaration of conformity for compliance with Technical Regulations of Eurasian union (EAC certificate);
  • Certificate or declaration of Federal Telecom Agency (Svyaz or CCC);
  • Hygienic certificate (sanitary certificate);
  • Permission to use the radio frequencies and the radio frequency channels of Radio Frequency Center

Voluntary Certification:

  • Voluntary GOST R certification and testing of radio stations and other wireless equipment for compliance with the Russian standards and specific operational requirements;
  • Voluntary certification in the BASIS System or calibration certificate.

For Information Technology, Telecom and Electrical equipment:

  • Certification or declaration of compliance with Technical regulations of Eurasian Union (EAU) for power supplies, power distribution equipment, control and protection devices and other electrical products;
  • Certification or declaration of compliance with TR of Eurasian Union (EAC) for computers, computing complexes, monitors, routers and other info-communication equipment;
  • Certification or declaration of compliance with TR of Eurasian Union (EAC) for switches, routers, terminals, WiFi access points, servers and other telecom equipment;
  • Mandatory certificate or declaration of the Ministry for Communications (Svyaz or Rssviaz) for mobile base stations (BTS), routers, switches, WiFi access points, servers, mobile phones, terminals, power supply and other telecom equipment;
  • FSB notifications for computers, computing complexes, control and data processing devices, software, etc.;
  • FSB notifications for telecom equipment with cryptography;
  • Hygienic and Sanitary certificates.

For Batteries:

  • Declarations of conformity with the Russian Standards (formerly GOST R declaration);
  • Telecom declaration for batteries and power supply for telecom equipment.

For Cables:

  • Certificate for electrical safety CU TR 004/2011 (Safety Low Voltage Equipment);
  • Fire safety certificate;
  • Telecom Declaration of conformity.

Due to the significant amount of the required documents for import and use of equipment including radio and telecom products in Russia, an appeal to the competent certification authority (certification center) is always justified. Cooperation with Certification Center RadioCert allows you to obtain all necessary certificates, permits and other documents promptly and cost-effectively. We have a highly qualified and experienced group of certification experts and work only with legally accredited testing labs and certification bodies!
On our website you can get all information about legal requirements and procedures of certification of radio, electrical and telecom equipment in Russia.
To contact Certification Center RadioCert dial +7 (495) 669-11-64 or send a message to e-mail or ICQ listed on the website. Our specialists will provide complete information about certification in Russia and indicate what permissive documents and certificates are needed for import and use of your products.