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RFC Permit, EAU Register of Wireless Equipment, RF Equipment Import License

Permit of Radio Frequency Center for import and use of radio equipment. Inclusion to EAU RF devices register. Import licenses for radio equipment

Technical Regulation in Eurasian (Customs) Union

The Customs Union was established October 6, 2007 by the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Belarus. The Customs union is a united economic space with favorable conditions for the development of trade. The unified Customs Code, the tariff and non-tariff measures operate on the common customs territory of the Customs Union.
On May 15, 2015 the Customs Union was transformed into the Eurasian Union (EAU). The non-tariff regulation is stipulated in the Union Treaty of the Eurasian Union. This is a set of approved standards to exercise control over the quality and safety of the products on the Russian and EAU markets, including products being imported from third countries.
A number of technical regulations, certification procedures and declaration were introduced for the electrical, telecommunication and electronic products to comply with the requirements of the current legislature.

Certification Center “RadioCert” offers services for obtaining all permits for import, sale and use on the territory of the member states of the Eurasian (Customs) Union.
We work with electrical, telecommunication, information and computer technology, radio and other products.
If you need a Permit (Conclusion) of the Radio Frequency Center and/or License of the Industry and Trade Ministry, please contact us by phone: +7 (495) 669-11-64 or by e-mail.

Permit (Conclusion) of the Radio Frequency Center (RChC) of Russia and Import License for Wireless (Radio) Equipment

To import radio-electronic (wireless) (RES) and high-frequency equipment (VChU) into the Russian Federation and the Eurasian (Customs) Union you shall obtain special permits. This is a Conclusion (Permit) of the Radio Frequency Center (RChC) that allows you to import radio-electronic (wireless) and high-frequency equipment,  which is the basis for making an entry of a wireless product (RES) in the Unified Register of RES and VChU and obtaining import licenses of the Industry and Trade Ministry.

Certification Center “RadioCert” provides all the services in relation to the radio and high-frequency equipment:
  • Obtaining of the Radio Frequency Center Conclusions (Permits) for import;
  • Entry in the Unified Register of Eurasian (Customs) Union of Radio-Electronic (Wireless) and High-Frequency Devices Permitted for Import;
  • Obtaining "letters of exemption" (conclusions) that state the absence of Radio-Electronic (Wireless) and High-Frequency Devices (RES and VChU) among the imported products;
  • Obtaining extracts of the Federal Agency in relation to “Surveillance of Communications” (Roskomnadzor, Russian) concerning devices included in the Unified Register;
  • Obtaining permission to use frequencies on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The work of the Radio Frequency Center  is carried out on the basis of the Decree of the Russian Government "On the Radio Frequency Service". One of the fundamental reasons for getting the Permit of the Radio Frequency Center is the State Commission for Radio Frequencies (GRChC) General Resolution for the use of radio frequencies.
Obtaining all necessary permits for import of wireless products is a rather complicated procedure. Cooperation with Certification Center “RadioCert” allows you to obtain these permits easily and within a reasonably short period of time.

Contact us if you need to obtain Radio Frequency Center conclusion for the import of wireless devices, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), induction units, radios and other electronic facilities, high-frequency devices.
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License of the Industry and Trade Ministry (Minpromtorg)

Certification Center “RadioCert” provides services for obtaining license of the Industry and Trade Ministry (Minpromtorg) for import and export of wireless or radio-electronic devices (RES).
To contact us, please call our free hotline number: +7 (495) 669-11-64 or by e-mail. We will answer all your questions regarding “how to get a relevant license of the Industry and Trade Ministry”.
The necessity of the import license for a number of products is stipulated in the Eurasian (Customs) Union Treaty. There is a group of products in the Customs Code of the Eurasian (Customs) Union which may be delivered into the territory of the Customs Union strictly in the presence of the license and the cargo customs declaration.
The license of the Industry and Trade Ministry is a document that permits import and/or export of products which cannot be freely imported or exported.

Types of the Licenses of the Industry and Trade Ministry (Minpromtorg)

  • One-time import license (one year). It may be issued to the applicant if there is a contract on the registration of a foreign trade deal. The subject of the license may be products in the quantity specified in the contract.
  • General license. It may be issued to the applicant only on the basis of the Decree of the Russian Government.
  • Exclusive license. It provides the applicant with the exclusive right to import or export a particular type of products.

To Obtain the License of the Industry and Trade Ministry (Minpromtorg) you need:

  • Application;
  • Copy of the foreign trade contract
  • Contract specifications;
  • Copy of the Registration Certificate by the Tax Authority (Individual tax Number);
  • Information about radio (wireless) or high-frequency devices, including product name and technical parameters;
  • FSB notification or information of a lack of encryption (cryptography);
  • Copy of the certificate of conformity (if subject to mandatory certification);
  • Abstract from the Register of Radio (Wireless) and High-Frequency Devices Permitted for Import.

The decision to grant a license or not shall be made within 20 days from the date of registration of the Application. The State Fee for the license is 7500 Rub.

Russian Legislation on the Regulation of the Radio Spectrum

The use of radio frequency spectrum in Russia is regulated by Federal Law “On Communications” No 126-FZ of July 07, 2003. Article # 22 establishes basic principles of the radio spectrum regulation, including:

  • Approval of access procedure to radio spectrum;
  • Pay radio frequency spectrum;
  • Impossibility of allocation of radio frequencies and frequency channels in perpetuity;
  • Open and transparent procedures of allocation and use of radio spectrum.

The Procedure of Mandatory Registration of telecom and other devices which are sources of electromagnetic radiation (radio-electronic, wireless or high-frequency devices) has been established by the Government of Russia.
No need to register devices without radio-emitting elements. They are radio and TV receivers, consumer electronic devices, personal navigators.

Allocation of radio frequencies in Russia is within the competence of The State Radio Frequency Commission  (GKRCh) which is a part of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media.
Frequency bands 2,4 GHz, 3,5 GHz and 5 GHz for wireless access do not need a special permit or registration  for indoor use, with the maximum transmitter power up to 100 mW.

Radio Frequency Center Permit and Import License