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Telecom Equipment Certification/Declaration for Russian Networks, Russian River Register, INTERGAZCERT system

Declarations and certificates for equipment for  Russian telecom network – Federal Communication Agency (Svyaz) certification and declarations

All telecommunication equipment to be used in telecom networks of the Russian Federation (connection to the public telecommunication networks) should get certificate or declaration of conformity of Federal Communication Agency (Rossvyaz) for compliance with the Requirements of applications of telecom equipment. This requirement was approved by the Federal Law “On Communications”. Certificate and declaration are legally equal  documents and enable application of the equipment in the public network according to certificate or declaration. Certification usually is necessary for the equipment of telecom services providers (operators). The list of equipment for mandatory certification (decree of RF Government No 532) includes:

  • Switching systems for mobile, fixes, radio networks;
  • Digital transport systems (SDH, PDH, WDM, etc), routers;
  • Network management and monitoring (NMS) systes;
  • Billing;
  • Wireless systems (satellite earth station, BTS, wireless Access (WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ad), etc.);
  • Equipment of legal interception (SORM);

Other equipment (not included in the List) (subscriber equipment, mobile phones, modems, cables, GPON, VoIP, antennas, etc.), should get declaration of conformity.
Certification Center provides total support for certification and declaration of telecommunication equipment. We prepare documentation, carry out tests in the accredited labs, and provide other procedures necessary for certification and declaration of conformity of telecom equipment (Svyaz). Our support lasts till you obtain final certification/declaration documents. We can help you with certification/declaration of the following equipment:

  • Declaration of GPS/GLONASS trackers;
  • Declaration of mobile phones, modems, mediapads;
  • Declaration of servers, SW (including  HTTP, HTTPS, POP, SMTP, DNS, FTP),  switches;
  • Declaration of the access equipment, GPON, VoIP, STB;
  • Declaration of mobile and microwave antenna;
  • Declaration for power supply, UPS, batteries;
  • Declaration of cables, passive optical equipment ;
  • Certification of routers and switches;
  • Certification of WiFi router (access points), Base stations (BTS), satellite earth stations, microwave, SDH, DWDM, etc.

Qualified experts of Certification Center with long term experience in telecom certification in Russia are ready to provide all support  for obtaining all necessary certification/declaration documents and its registration by the Federal Communications agency.

Legal  requirements for certification and declaration in Russia

  • Federal Law “On Communications” 7.07.2003, No 126-ФЗ.
  • "Procedures and rules of mandatory conformity assessment of telecom equipment", Approved by the RF Government decree of 13.04.2005 N 214.
  • "List of equipment for mandatory certification", Approved by the RF Government decree of 25.06.2009 г. N 532.
Declaration of conformity can be submitted only by the Russian legal entity. The foreign manufacturers should provide the agreement with the local representative, responsible for the equipment safety.
Registration fee for the declaration of conformity is  3500 rubles.

To get certificate and declaration of conformity Necessary materials::

  • Product description;
  • Software version;
  • All preset software;
  • List of all components and spare parts;

Providing  test reports done for any international certification system it will help to reduce the cost end duration of certification.

Certificate of conformity

Declaration of conformity (ССС)