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Hygienic Expert (Sanitary) Conclusion

Hygienic (sanitary) certificates for radio, telecom and other equipment. Hygienic permits of radio transmitters and base stations  placement

Certification Center “RadioCert” offers services for obtaining the Hygienic sanitary conclusion for electrical, telecom and other products.
According to the current legislation of the Russian Federation and the rules of the Eurasian (Customs) Union, there is an approved list of products which are subject to mandatory hygienic certification. Our Center is ready to take on the obtaining of the Expert Hygienic Conclusion (SEZ), including the preparation of the documentation package, conducting necessary testing and exercising general supervision.

Mandatory Sanitary and Epidemiological Control of Product Groups in the Russian Federation and the Eurasian (Customs) Union

There are the following legislative documents for the quality control of products:

  • List of products subject to the sanitary-epidemiological control on the customs border of the Customs Union;
  • Sanitary-epidemiological and hygienic requirements;
  • Regulations on the procedures of sanitary and epidemiological supervision (control) of persons and vehicles crossing the customs border of the Customs Union.

Electrical, telecom, wireless, etc. products are included in Section 7 of Chapter II of the Uniform sanitary- epidemiological and hygienic requirements for products subject to sanitary-and-epidemiologic supervision (control) of the "Requirements for mechanical engineering, instrument and electrical engineering products." According to item 3 of this document the said products must not cause harmful factors of physical, chemical, radiological and biological nature, which exceed the maximum permissible limits approved by the sanitary requirements of the current legislation. Hygienic standards for the level of radio emission are also set out in this item.

Sanitary-epidemiological or Hygienic certificate (conclusion) is issued by the Federal Supervisory Service for Consumer Rights and Human Welfare Protection (Rospotrebnadzor).

Obtaining the Sanitary Epidemiological (Hygienic) Certificate

To obtain Sanitary or Hygienic certificate you ought to submit an application along with the relevant documentation package, including test reports.

Products that need hygienic (sanitary) certificate

  • hand-operated, electrical kitchen and household instruments/appliances;
  • appliances for heating liquids;
  • furnaces, electric boilers, electric cookers;
  • cellular and (wireless) radio phones;
  • video surveillance and access control systems, burglar alarm equipment;
  • mobile, radar, satellite earth stations, antenna-feeder systems, open distribution devices, subscriber terminals of satellite communications;
  • duplicating machines, office equipment, PC, video display terminals, television sets;
  • radio-emitting devices, etc.

If you need a sanitary-epidemiological (Hygienic) certificate (conclusion),  appeal to Certification Center “RadioCert”. For preliminary consultation, please call: +7 (495) 669-11-64 or send e-mail.